ART FILM ATELIER is an arts organization founded in 2008. It is based in 
Zagreb and its activities comprise making and producing of arts cartoons. Its aim 
is to popularise arts cartoon production as well as to help the international 
affirmation of the Croatian film culture.

    ART FILM ATELIER deals with making and producing short and full-length arts 
films no matter what genre, artistic approach or technique is concerned, always 
trying to follow the renowned tradition of Zagreb School of Animated Films.

    ART FILM ATELIER has been registered with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic 
of Croatia (within the register of arts organisations of the Ministry of Culture). 

                                                                                         ART FILM ATELIER
                                                                                              Darko Bućan
Dear colleagues – scriptwriters, ART FILM ATELIERS invites you: Send us your synopses or scripts and we will read them. You can count on our absolute discretion and we garantee to respect all your copyright and related rights. If we find your work interesting, you will be offered our services or we will offer to buy your work and form a team necessary for the film realisation.