ART FILM ATELIER is willing to offer the whole solutions to the film production
no matter what genre or length is concerned and offer arts services by our
permanent and temporary associates, freelance artists and film authors.

    From the entire preliminary solutions, production and post-production, to solutions
and execution of all separate phases of the film production:

                                - writing synopses and scripts
                                - drawing storyboard
                                - concept designs and model list of characters
                                - modeling and rigging 3D characters
                                - concept designs and layout of backgrounds
                                - background for all techniques
                                - 2D and 3D animation
                                - inbetween
                                - ink & paint, classical and computer aided
                                - compositing
                                - shooting
                                - composing film music
                                - film sound production
                                - editing

    Contact us, present your requests related to the film project and we will offer
you a solution that will meet your requirements and needs in the best of ways.
Contact ART FILM ATELIER through the following e-mail address: